Inner Art Journal is an online poetry journal devoted to seeking and sharing insight through the practice of poetry writing. Inner Art prefers to publish tanka and tanka prose but other short form poetry will be considered if they demonstrate a similar spirit.  Please review our online journal to get a sense of our interests.  You will see how we have worked with tanka as a mindfulness exercise.

We offer both a fee free and a nominal fee option.  We suggest that you use the $2.00 fee option if you have published with us previously.  You may submit via email through our website.

Thank you.


Inner Art Journal is looking for writing that is succinct, clear and honest. We aren't interested in unnecessary emotionality. We feel that good work is an offering of the spirit. Currently we have a preference for tanka but are open to other forms.

Your token payment supports Inner Art Journal and costs about the same as a cup of coffee. By choosing the fee paying option you let us know that you encourage our work. 

If you have previously published with Inner Art Journal, we request that you submit via the $2.00 submission option. 

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